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Larger 500 Gram

Southern Belle

Size:25-3/16″X12-5/8 “X17-15/16”
A SPECIAL EFFECT CAKE!Starting with silver whistle butterfly tail to brocade or strobe; then with magic voice to strobe or crackling; fresh colors of bouquet with fishes and moving stars, finale with butterfly tail to blue to red and crackling. With this cake to burst your party into joy instantly.

Remember Alamo

Excellent night view fan cake shooting with powerful mine and dahlia, palm, silver strobe and brocade etc. in aerial. Offer you the best combination!

King Of Bombs

Size:23-5/8 “X11-13/16″X20-1/16”
Long-hanging and loud breaking, What a show of Nishiki Kamuro King full filled in the sky! Your best choice of finale cake!


Packed:4 per case
Whistling to color and silver strobe, spinner screaming to brocade crown, strong wolf screaming to brocade crown w/silver strobe at the finale. A great combination of scary and noisy!

The Enemy Within

Packed:4 per case
Absolutely an impressive show in your backyard! Powerful breaking of golden willow to amazing color wave, crackles w/attractive long lasting strobe.

Almost Illegal

Nine big breaks of white & gold, purple, blue, and red. Heavily loaded with impressive large breaks, crackle and a big two break finale.

Angle Of Attack

Item#: MT288
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 16.9"x9.4"x8.8"
24 angled shots spread out as groups of 3 high flying color tip comets guide the eye upward in progressive crackling steps to be followed by a barrage of aerial shells displaying a mix of colorful bursts.

Blaze Of Glory

Packed:2 Pieces
This three minute barrage features fabulous colors and bangs, which light up your night in a blaze of glory!

Box Of Tricks

Item#: MT902
Packed: 4 per case
Full of vivid visual effects, this 30 shot 500 gram has multi-tiers of star mines, aerial mines, and big burst brocades, willows, and big neon color stars on top.

Bull Market

Packed: 4 per case
You get to "Run with the Bulls" with these 42 Shots of blue stars w/alternating rows of red tails to gold palms to red stars. Green tails to gold palms to green stars; red tails to gold palms to red, green and blue stars. Faaaantastic!

Cherry Bomb Blaster

This one blows the competition away, 9 big shots or cherry red breaks with giant white strobes, a brilliant display of color & sound!

Covid Destroyer

Item#: MT237
Packed: 4 per case
10 Huge breaks of gold willow w/green glitter, silver willow w/red glitter, crafckling tail to red - green glitter with chrysanthemum effects.



Item#: MT273
Packed: 3 per case
Size: 9"x12.5"x14"
12 Breaks of vibrant gold pines and green, red, blue, and purple pearls.

Dynamite Night

Packed:2 pieces
27 Shots Loaded with hard-hitting and multi-actioned bangs. Neon dahlia, assorted strobe, of crackling willow, colorful strobing, silver spinning tails, and falling leaves.


Item#: MT297
Packed: 4 per case
35 Shots of screaming whistles soar into the sky breaking into big long hanging gold willows with green strobes, blur stars, and gold crackling flowers.

Heavy Haul

Item#: MT274
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 15"(w)x9.8"x8.8"
Red, blue, and silver dahlias alternating with orange, green and purple dahlias, then gold titanium willows followed by red and green scrambling dragons. Ends with a two-shot finale of titanium willows. 25 shots.

Hollow Points

Item#: MT247
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 11"x11"x9"
These hollow points hit the sky and expand to alternating red club rings with silver glitter, chrysanthemum rings with delayed crackling and blue to red rings. Ends with a two-shot finale of gold titanium. 9 Shots.


A 30 shot Cherry Bomb brand item.  Assorted red and glittering white, yellow, blue, red, white, and blue brocade crown/ blue and silver fish/ crackle/ golden palm tree/ silver chrysanthemum/ and blue with various color tail rising/ ending with six shots finale. 

Junkyard Dog

Nine hard hitting, huge breaking red, white, and blue strobes with beautiful silver chrysanthemum shells. Awesome!


King Cobra

Item#: MT943
Packed: 3 per case
Size: 9"x13"x13.75"
10 Shots of golden ti willows w/color star, beautiful color gypsophila, huge breaks with thunder!


Packed:2 Pieces
Super processing power! Red, green, blue and purple stars with silver glitter, chrysanthemum mines to red tail to red and silver glitter, to green tail to purple and green glitter, blue tail to blue and silver glitter. 54 Shots.

Midnight Menace

Packed:2 Pieces
Gold titanium willow mines with cyan stars, gold titanium willow mines with pink stars, gold titanium willow mines with green stars, gold titanium willow mines with red clubs, gold titanium willow mines with blue stars. 52 Shots.

Neighborhood Nightmare

Item#: MT227
Packed: 2 per case
Size: 11.25"x11.25"x11.25"
Wake up the neighbors with this 9 shot thumper, loud breaks of brocade to red mixed with bright blue stars ending with a finale of brilliant green strobe shells, fantastic!

Over The Moon

Packed:4 Pieces
Size: 14.25"x11"x8.8"(H)
Over the moon  and to the stars with silver tails to red, purple, green and yellow stars w/crackling, and silver tails to red glittering willows with green glitter, and silver glittering willows with red glitter. Ends with a three-shot finale of silver tails to purple, green and orange stars w/crackling chrysanthemums. 23 Shots.

Perfect Storm


Packed:4 Pieces
Crackling mine to colorful peonies, silver strobe, assorted palms w/crackling, yellow-green strobe, and chrysanthemums.

Really Looks Good!

Item#: MT243
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 15"X10.6"x8.8"
A gorgeous 25 shot angled cake shot in groups of five to produce an amazing syncopated rhythmic display of crackle mines and rising blue tail comets, ending in huge gold palm shells saturated with color.

Sensory Overload

Item#: MT230
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 15.75"x8.8"x8.25"
28 Shots of red, blue, green, orange, or purple stars with silver or green glitter, then twelve shots of red, green, purple, or orange stars with silver scrambling brocade and then delayed chrysanthemums with red, green and blue stars.

Show & Shine

Item#: MT994
Packed: 4 Pieces
Size: 13.3"x11.8"x9"
Crackling mines to purple stars with silver clubs, and to orange stars with silver clubs. Then jumbo red stars with silver clubs, and blue stars with silver clubs. It ends with a four-shot finale.24 Shots.

Sky Treats (Candy)

Feast your eyes on red glitter to red brocade, blue stars to brocade, silver glitter to brocade, and crackling to delayed crackling chrysanthemums. 36 Shots.

Southern Comfort

Sit back and drink in the view - quickened shots of silver bouquets with red falling leaves, green falling leaves and orange falling leaves. 30 SHOTS

State Of The Union

Packed:4 Pieces
Bursting with red, white, and blue mines, alternating with rows of three quickeded shots of blue tails to red and blue stars with silver glitter. Ends with a five-shot finale of blue tails to red and blue stars with silver glitter.34 Shots.

Teddy Semetary

Item#: MT285
Packed:4 Per Case
38 Action-Packed heavy and big bangs of neon dahlia, strobe, whistling tail, silver chrysanthemum, silver waterfall, and crackling, gold willows.

Total Chaos

Item#: MT233
Size: 12.25"x9.5"x8.8"
Packed: 4 per case
A chaos of silver swirling tails to red dahlia and red dahlia w/gold glitter. Then silver swirling tails to green dahlia, cyan and green dahlia w/red glitter; finally, silver swirling tails to blue dahlia and an ending of brocade and cyan & green dahlia. 27 Shots.

Total Gossip

Packed:4 Pieces
Simply Scandalous!Six shots of red, purple, orange palms with green glitter, then twelve shots of multicolored palms, and then six shots of brocade with green glitter and crackling purple, green and yellow stars. 36 Shots.

Triple Threat

Item#: MT949
Packed:4 Per Case
28 Shots with assorted-color stars and strobes, bright silver flying stars and crackling flowers.

Victory Ring

Item#: MT220
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 11"x12"x11.25"
10 Shots of 2" shells go on for an amazing 35 seconds with tiger tails breaking into red glitter willow, blue star, red palm rings, white glitter, green glitter willow, purple star, red palm ring, and ends with cherry red breaks.

Wicked Cool

Fan- shaped red, green, gold, & silver flying fish w/green red & blue stars, & silver & purple glitter. Finale of gold brocade to red & green glitter. 49 Shots

Wild Cactus

Gold willows to red stars, white glittering willows, crackling flowers & willows. Three-shot crackling willow finale.15 shots