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L.W. Loyd Company began wholesaling fireworks in 1930.  Company founder, L.W. Loyd was a senior in high school.  Mr. Loyd had actually begun his fireworks career several years earlier when he had ordered fireworks by mail and resold them through his father’s store.

L.W. Loyd Company continued to operate and expand up until World War II when fireworks sales and use were suspended.  In each of the seven years previous to WW II, Mr. Loyd’s company doubled sales over the previous year.

Shortly after World War II, Mr. Loyd resumed the task of leading his organization to the top of the fireworks industry.  L.W. Loyd Company began to import fireworks from the Orient in 1948 and Atomic Fireworks was organized to distribute the imported merchandise throughout the South and Midwest.  1948 marked the first of over 40 trips to the Far East for Mr. Loyd including trips to China many times.

At present, Atomic Fireworks operates distribution centers in Bishopville, South Carolina and South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

In 1966, Mr. Loyd started Space Age Manufacturing Company to insure supply and control design and production of the domestically produced fireworks necessary for continued expansion.  Space Age Manufacturing Company has continued a steady growth over the years.  Space Age features several highly successful, exclusive items and now packs over 30 different assortment packages.

Mr. Loyd’s companies have developed many new ideas and innovations in the fireworks industry.  L.W. Loyd Company continues to be active in promoting sound regulatory fireworks legislation.

A true pioneer of the fireworks industry, Mr. Loyd helped to found the American Pyrotechnic Association in 1948.  Mr. Loyd served as director in APA from 1948 through 1983.  He was APA president in 1963 and 1974.  Mr. Loyd’s son, Wilson, succeeded him on the board of directors in 1984 through 1994 and served as APA president in 1991.

At the 1991 APA convention in Seattle, Washington, Mr. Loyd, Sr. was honored by the industry as the second recipient of the Milt Dropo Award.  This represents outstanding and continuous service to the fireworks industry.  Mr. Loyd was also inducted as charter member to the newly created fireworks Hall of Fame.  Mr. Loyd passed away March 6, 2009.

L.W. Loyd Company, Atomic Fireworks, and Space Age Manufacturing Company have experienced many changes through the years.  Current management and personnel remain committed to the same principles that have served Mr. L.W. Loyd so well since 1930.  They are to provide the highest quality fireworks possible at competitive prices and to provide outstanding customer service.  This confirmation of quality, service, price, and a reputation for fair dealing has kept our companies recognized as industry leaders both in the U.S. and abroad for over 75 years.

We are extremely proud of our past but are now squarely focused on the future.