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Multi-Shot Assortments

World Tour

Packed: 1/3
Performance: This one contains multitudes, Brocade crown, white strobe,brocade tail,red dahlia,silver chrysanthemum,red wave,green wave,purple wave.

Captain's Finale

Performance:6*4 row, Row 1 and 2 each 2S shot by shot, brocade tail,peach with silve plum, brocade tail peach with white strobe, row 3&4 shoot by burst, peach mine blast, peach dahlia.

Deadly Dozen

Item#: MT991
Packed: 1 per case
Size: 22-3/4x15-3/4x5 in.
An assortment consisting of twelve best-selling 200-gram cakes. BP2098 Bling Bling, BP2099 Evil Enemy, BP2448 Silver Screen, BP2449 Mobile Menace, BP2002 Super Stallion, BP2815/U Magnificent Festival, BP2905 The Red, White & Blue Salute, BP2924 Wild West, BP2422 Magic Carpet, BP2624 Wildcard, BP2555 Bazaar, and BP2556 Match Magic.

Independence Day Finale Assortment

Item#: BX130
Packed: 3 per case
Red Tornado: Thick tail w/red tip breaking into a long hanging willow w/red glitter stars, Blew Me Away: Long hanging gold brocade w/blue pistil, White Diamonds: Gold willow with quick burst of crackle and white flashes.

Private Pirtate Cake Assortment

Item#: MT231
Packed: 10 pieces per box
Size: 36.8"x 12.8"x 16.4"
This box has it all! Five big 500 gram items and 5 large 200 gram items, all in one box; this makes a great backyard display that the whole family is sure to enjoy.