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Large 350-500 Gram

Firing Beast

Item#: MT986
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 9.5"hx10"wx9.5"d
19 Shots of a colorful tail to brocade crown with red/green/blue, brocade palm and time rain, red glitter and green glitter.

Proud Peacock

Item#: MT967
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 9"x11"x10.75"
Whistling to color dahlia, white glitter, crackling mine  to peach, cyan, purple green lemon dahlia, brocade crown mine to brocade crown  green star, gold glitter, purple star, and green glitter. 26 exciting shots.


Item#: MT924
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 9"x9.5"x10"
Declare VICTORY with red strobe mine to red white blur with strobing comet tail, red white blur dahlia with crackling, brocade to colors, crackling with cyan and red strobe. 18 Shots.

Cool Company

Item#: MT283
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 11.75"x 9.9"x 8.9"
19 Shots of delayed mines to red tip, chrysanthemums with silver glitter, and delayed mines to green IP with red glitter. Then delayed mines to purple tip with silver glitter and delayed mines to orange tip with green glitter. Ends with a three-shot finale of delayed mines to purple, green and yellow delayed crackling.

American Hero

Item#: MT927
Packed: 3 Per case
Size: 9.5"x9.5"x9.6"
Salute the heroes of the  U.S.A.; 16 shots of blue to red, gold glitter, and silvery cracking stars. A great way to salute those who served.

Booms Day Device

Loud and powerful this cake celebrates with the best of them.No gloom or doom here just bright snappy patriotic red,white, and blue color shells rising up alongside dense silver coconut comets to give an unforgettable booming good day.

Blow Your Mind

Item#: MT997
Packed:4 Pieces
Size: 11.6"x9.4"x7"
Silver glittering tails to red bouquets, green glittering tails to gold crackling with blue stars, silver glittering tails to green bouquets, green glittering tails to crackling and red stars, silver glittering tails to brocade and green glittering tails to delayed crackling.44 Shots.

Fight To Win

Packed:4 Pieces
Twelve shots of hard-hitting breaks, brocade tails rise up and burst to big gold willows to silver strobe, gold glittering w/blue & green strobe, brocade and chrysanthemums. This is a big shot for a little price!

Fire In The Sky

Item#: MT978
Packed: 4 Pieces
Crackling tail to red, green, yellow, purple, orange to chrysanthemum flower with silver red/green strobe.


Packed:4 Pieces
Size: 11.5"x9"x9"
Crackling tail to red, green, blue, brocade crown tail to brocade crown and blue star with white glitter.

Gemstone Jackpot

Packed:4 Pieces
Go for a new high score with fanned flights of triple neon multicolored dahlias, whistle tails, vibrant colorful peonies and dazzling gold glitter cores. Jackpot!

Great Nation

A majestic 30 shot cake designed to honor the US of A and celebrate the freedoms it so enjoys. Sit back and back and bask in a blazing display of red, white, blue, silver, and time rain crackle as it overwhelms the night sky.

Grand Scene

Packed:4 Pieces
Six different effects in this 24 shot item, brocades, red, green, white, blue, silver, falling leaves, willows, glitter, tri-gold coconut, silverfish, and more.

Hit The Road Jack

49 Shots of  red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade, purple tails to delayed crackling and whistling tails to crackling flowers. 


Light up the sky with this spectacular display of neon colors! Awesome shimmering gold strobe, red, sea-blue, red strobe, turquoise, pink, lemon, blue, and silver strobe.

Show Of Force

A thunderous display of very large full powerful breaks which alternate between angled "V" patterns and straight up single shot shells. The 15 multi-color long hanging palm, brocade, and willow bombards work together as a team to exhibit the potency of this aerial force.

To Hell And Back

Powerful and gigantic chrysanthemum breaks w/pink, lemon, sea blue, silver strobe, blue, purple, green and gold strobe.

Ultimate Hero

Packed:4 Pieces
Loud gold sizzling chrysanthemums w/assorted color peony and falling leaves. Unique to say the least!

Viva Las Vegas

Red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails and 14-shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flowers.

Coast To Coast

25 Shots each;
Hudson: Red,Silver,& Purple,Mississippi:Red,green,orange,&blue stars. Colorado:Red, White,&Blue stars. 5 Shot finale of blue peonys. All New For 2021!