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Discontinued Items

AF One
Air Supremacy
America 1776
American Muscle Car
Atom Bomb
Atomic Attack
Best In Show
Big Blast
Big Bomb But Legal
Big Hunt
Bigger Than Yours
Blue Boom
Blue Show
#100 Floral (Brothers)
Cajun Pageant
Cannon Rocket Assortment
Cherry Bomb Blaster (Floral)
Cherry Bomb F/C  32/40/12
Chi-Lin The Unicorn
City of Lights
Color Changing Wheel (6")
Color Crackling Egg
Container Load
Craizy Daizy
Crush The Color
Cutting Edge
Cyber Candle
Dynamo  6/1
Eagle Artillery Shell
Eagle Crackling Artillery Shell
Eagle Whistling Artillery Shell
8 oz. China Rocket
Enchanted Garden
Exotic Mash
Fancy Candle
Fast Fuse
Fierce Tiger
Fire Dragon
Fire In The Sky
5 minute Smoke
#500 Floral (Brothers)
#500 Floral (Dominator)
Fly Piggy
Flying Gem
Flying Old Glory
4 oz. China Rocket
Full Size
Funky Fish
Ghost Mansion
Goin Like Ninety
Grand Finale
Guns 'n' Roses
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Holiday Pack
Hornets Nest
Howling Coyote
The Hustler
Its All Mine Get Your Own
Jacked Up!
Kick @$$ Ftn
King of the Sword
Knockout Brocade
Lady Crackers  32/40/40
Large Disco Flash
Large Golden Flowers  36/4
Little Pyro Assortment
Loud & Proud
M-80 F/C  32/40/12
Macarena Baby
Magic Carpet
Major Combustion
Mammoth Assorted
Mars Rocket
Maximum Altitude
Melt Down
Midget Bomb #3
Mighty Mini
Mighty 9
Monster Coming
Mortal Rocket
Movers & Shakers
Mummy's Wrath
Mystique Forest
Natural High
Newtons Nitemare
Nightrider (Yo Heave Ho)
No Guts No Glory
Old West Express
1" Artillery Shell
1 1/2" Star Ball
One Night Parachute
Paper Smoke
Party Box
Power Assorted
Power Pack
Pure Fantasy
Puzzle! Puzzle!
Red Alert
Red Hunter
Red, White, Blue
Redneck Rowdy
Rock On
Rockets 'n' Bombs  6/1
Roman Candle Pack
Ruby Sky
200 Saturn Top Gun
225 Saturn
Shell Shocked
Shockwave (Trendsetter)
Show Your Smile
Silver Crown
Sky Diamond
Sky Travel
Sky Lab w/Parachute
Snow & Red Plum
Son Of A Gun
Speed Man
Speed Set
Splendid Flowers
Spring Storm
The Star Chamber
Starlight Finale
String O' Pearls
Super 8
Super Stallion
Supreme Brocade
Sword of Damocles
Swords of Fire
Terror Takeout
The Complex
36" CB Morning Glory (Box)
3" Star Ball
Titans Fury
Toot & Twirl
Total Blast
Tri-Light Saturn
Tri-Rotating Wheel
Tricky Goblin
Triple Whistle Moon
Tropical Fish
Turbo Bash
#1200 Assorted
2 Day Parachute
2 oz. China Rocket
Vesuvious Fountain
Water Cracker
Way to Paradise
Wild Fire Fountain
Winning Tactics